Mirai Patel | Designer/Product Developer at Alp n Rock
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Graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with majors in both fashion design and computer science, Mirai has always let her experiences, dreams, and cultures foster creativity. She finds herself in awe of vibrant, embellished Indian textiles, the use of wearable technology and programming for social change, and the creation of garments that are more than just what meets the eye. Her blended experiences of cultural identities have allowed for a reflection on conformity, identity, and self-awareness and how to unleash one’s inner truth.
Honored with the Second-year Fashion Citizenship Award, Mirai wants her work to impact the world in a positive way. Starting in high school with her first ever fashion show, she was featured in various media outlets for her efforts to bring light to the education of girls through the organization of a large gala. Now, she's implemented wearable sensors to monitor garment wearer's data and sustainably utilizing repurposed saris and naturally dyed organic fabric. She believes that the continuous desire to create for good starts with the design process itself. Thus, she hopes to create timeless, seasonless garments for those who let their clothes speak wondrous stories and pass them to the future generations. In her free time, she enjoys spending time doodling new textiles and playing with her pup Kenzo.
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